What is CSR (an SSL Certificate Request)?

CSR stands for ''Certificate Signing Request'' or ''Certification Request''. It represents a message in encoded format that is sent by applicant [you] to a certificate authority in order for an SSL certificate to be generated. It contains information such as FQDN [Fully Qualified Domain Name], e-mail, country etc. Private key is not included within CSR but is equally important thus used to sign digitally a certificate. Remember that upon CSR creation Private Key is generated as well.

Basically, before purchasing an SSL Certificate, you need to set up a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from your web hosting control panel. This can be easily done from Site Management > SSL > Generate CSR tab on your web hosting control panel. If you purchase your SSL certificate with us, which is done from the Order Certificate tab in the same section, the CSR and the Private key will be generated automatically, but you still have to provide the details for the CSR in the SSL order form.

Input the following details to generate the CSR:

Organization Name: Type in the exact legal name of your organization. Do not abbreviate the name of your organization.

Organization Unit: Specify the exact department of your organization (optional).

Country: Select your country from the list.

State: The state or province where your organization is legally located. It should not be abbreviated.

Domain Name: The fully qualified domain name for your web server, e.g. www.my-best-domain.com. This must be an exact match.

E-mail: Type in your personal e-mail address.

Note that none of the following characters can be used in the details: < > ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * / ( ) ?.,&

When done, just click on the Generate Request button. Then you will be able to download both CSR and Private Key.

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